387: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Andrea Riggs

387: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Andrea Riggs

Andrea Riggs-

Andrea Riggs is wife and a mother of 3 children who recently moved from Southern Utah to Puerto Rico. Andrea is an entrepreneur at heart and has began over 8 businesses with her husband. In the last 3 years Andrea has focused her creative spark in food (specifically fermented foods with The Cultured Collective) nutrition, health, fitness (metabod.com) and began AvaMariaLambs (avamarialambs.com) with her 10 year old daughter in 2015, a sustainability plush stuffed animal venture to teach her daughter how to make a dream a reality.

Recently with the move to Puerto Rico Andrea launched her podcast GypsyFam, (gypsyfam.com) helping women everywhere unleash their inner gypsy and live more adventurous and extraordinary lives. Her book is will launch in 30 days, with 3 additions to the series coming in 2017. With topics of parenting, leaving the Mormon Church and health and fitness.

Andrea is a conference speaker and energy booster. She is known for her ability to add energy to large 300+ people conferences with her ability to lead, induce fun, energy, early morning Yoga and Zumba and fitness. Andrea is a CPT and hold many fitness certificates. Andrea is Baptiste trained and usually can be found on the beach with her family in Puerto Rico working on a yoga pose.


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