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Andie Kramer-

Andie Kramer, is a partner in the international law firm of McDermott Will & Emery LLP, one of the “10 Best Big Law Firms for Female Attorneys.” Andie was the founding chair of the firm’s Gender Diversity Committee. She has served on both her firm’s Management Committee and Compensation Committee. In these roles, she became deeply concerned about the disparities in the pace and extent of women’s and men’s career achievements.

Andie’s extensive research, astute observations, and pragmatic voice have made her a nationally recognized advocate for women’s advancement and an authority on gender communication. Among her many recognitions, Andie was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women Lawyers in America by the National Law Journal for her “demonstrated power to change the legal landscape, shape public affairs, launch industries, and do big things.”

Andie is also the co-author of the popular book Breaking Through Bias: Communication Techniques for Women to Succeed at Work with her husband and practicing attorney, Al Harris.


Which of your talents is responsible for us meeting? [00:45]

Who did you learn this skill/ability from? [01:05]

Why will you continue to repeat this skill? [03:47]

What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [04:47]

How does it make you feel? [05:26]

Why would you suggest someone do what you’ve done?  [07:07]

What is your earliest childhood memory? [07:56]

Why do you think this memory is so clear? [08:20]

Engel’s Insight – [08:55]

What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [09:40]

Declaration Time – [09:58]

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