340: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Anastasia Button

Anastasia Button-

As a Millennial herself, Anastasia Button knows all about the stresses of a volatile global economy and uncertain job market. After graduating from college, she barely used her Bachelor’s degree in history and tried out multiple occupations, none of which truly fit her. She worked as a front desk librarian, an archaeology technician, a roofing contractor, and a night manager for a liquor super store. Anastasia felt the pain of working one undesirable job after another, and the disappointment of what the world has to offer when lifestyle is compromised because there is no “career.”

After many years of feeling unhappy and unable to make the right decisions, she was days away from starting graduate school in archaeology overseas, when she thought, “There has to be a better and more authentic way to get what I want.”

Deciding to take her life into her own hands, Anastasia began working at showing others how they can have what they want in life and a career that they won’t want to retire from. She found her true passions not by doing the traditional “find a job that pays,” but a new way — the Millennial way. By focusing on what she wanted in life itself, instead of the job, she fueled a career that is her true passion and supports her dream life. Through her speaking, coaching, and writing, she now helps others find their passion and build their dreams, lifestyle and income.

Today, Anastasia helps Millennials gain freedom, independence, direction, better income, and more excitement from life and career. She personally coaches and speaks to Millennials and like-minded groups who desire change and want freedom, independence and a kick-ass lifestyle.

Anastasia Button’s message is straightforward: “Millennials, focus on what is important — your life! Your career is secondary. Clarify what you truly want and desire in life and then find a way to support your lifestyle that feels good. It’s no secret that our career and lifestyle priorities differ sharply from those of previous generations. We have a natural affinity for change and the technology that promotes it. We are confident, connected, independent thinkers and doers. We will shape the American economy for decades to come — and that economy will be unlike its predecessors in fundamental ways. Let’s tap into our awesome Millennial brains, take charge, and show the world how things should be done; because from one Millennial to another… we are remarkable people.”



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