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Amy Segami 


Amy Segami is an engineer turned artist, entrepreneur and international marketing executive featured on BBC, NPR, Huffington Post, and in Chicago Crain’s Business and TED Blog.

Born in China, raised in Hong Kong, and educated in the US, her life’s work is mastering the complexity of change.

With her unique applications of fluid dynamics, she creates breakthroughs in art, science, and business. Her edu-taining programs incorporate these principles with storytelling to transform leaders and teams in organizations ranging from Illinois Institute of Technology to Fermi Labs and Dow Chemical.

In 2009, she founded TEDxIIT initiating a cross-functional program to create tomorrow’s leaders. It is now the longest running independently organized TED event in Chicago.

An ideal keynote speaker and seminar leader to the diverse global audience, she presents in 14 countries on 4 continents and receives numerous awards and recognitions for her innovative applications of art and science.

To set up an appointment, go to ConferenceCall.AmySegami.com

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