1046:Ameeth Ruparelia is a physiotherapist with PhysioUnlocked

1046:Ameeth Ruparelia is a physiotherapist with PhysioUnlocked


Ameeth Ruparelia-

Ameeth Ruparelia says – ” I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and how it works. I love how we have learnt so much about how it functions but at the same time are gaining new insights every day. My journey began in 2010 when I started my physiotherapy degree programme at the University of Birmingham. Over 1000 hours of clinical placement and a dissertation with Aston Villa FC gave me the perfect spring board to start work as an NHS physiotherapist completing the hospital rotations. Having a love for all things exercise-based, my passion has also seen me working at sports clubs such as Brentford FC and also Staines Swimming Club where I have been a conditioning coach for the last 5 years.

As a seasoned practitioner, I’ve seen many people place limitations on themselves because of pain. Pain is a necessary fact of life however, people all too often let it take over and run their lives. I’ve learnt that pain is usually caused by a lack of good quality, efficient movement. Whether you’re a self-confessed fitness freak or a weekend warrior, if you don’t move well, your body will soon let you know about it!
The reason I set up Physio Unlocked is because I hated patients getting recipe book-style, protocol-led treatments seen with traditional physiotherapy. Most physios will simply treat an injury rather that treating the person that injury belongs to. I prefer to learn about a patient and understand what really drives their pain, be it a biomechanical dysfunction or an emotional stress driver; admittedly it’s usually a combination.

Once I’ve understood what makes a patient tick, I can then create a movement-based plan which is meaningful for them and will get long-term results. My mission is to work closely with my patients so they learnt to move well and lead a positive happy life which is not limited by pain.



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