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  • Amanda Semenoff, podcast host of Overthinking Conflict is a conflict engagement specialist /Ep 2866

Amanda Semenoff, podcast host of Overthinking Conflict is a conflict engagement specialist /Ep 2866

#12minconvos Website Picture Amanda Semenoff
Amanda Semenoff is a conflict engagement specialist who supports people to have tough conversations, resolve conflicts and manage difference. She loves sticky, seemingly unsolvable problems and has successfully worked with a wide range of clients including start-ups, tech founders, academics, corporate boards, teacher groups, community sports organisations,  musicians and non-profits to create innovative solutions and common purpose.She provides online and asynchronous solutions for geographically diverse teams. Her podcast is Overthinking Conflict.


Guest’s Website:

You can chat with her online @mindfulconres or schedule a free conflict consultation on her website http://www.mindfulresolution.ca 

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