Amanda Neill created Birth of Venus Coaching in 2013. To date, she has...)

694:Amanda Neill created Birth of Venus Coaching in 2013

Amanda Neill-

“Amanda Neill created Birth of Venus Coaching in 2013. To date, she has inspired and helped hundreds of women worldwide feel worthy of love.

Amanda’s work at Birth of Venus Coaching centers on helping women undo all of the ways we push men and love away from us, and instead create passionate attraction and lasting connection.

Through her work, women consistently feel more confident, sexy, and worthy of a great love, a great man, and an extraordinary relationship.

Amanda Neill calls herself a hope(ful!) romantic because she believes everything can be used to our advantage in love. She is a modern day Venus and muse of love as well as partner to a wonderful man who is absolutely crazy about her.

Romance follows her.
More about Amanda and her work can be found at”

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