96: Twelve Minute Convos w/ Alex Berman

Alex Berman

Alex Berman-

SVP of Operations (and founder) of marketing and lead generation firm Experiment27.co

Former Director of Marketing at mobile app development company and three time INC 500 winner Dom & Tom, and Chief Marketing Sumo at lead generation company InspireBeats. Network video partner for Entrepreneur Magazine and former co-host of a 2,500+ member meetup network in NYC.

Managed over $2,000,000 in digital projects and generated over $20,000,000 in leads over the last 12 months.

Clients served include: Dom & Tom, Tyson Foods, Power Rangers, the Emmy’s, Peritus, esPronto, Sprout Content and many others.

Happy to help with marketing questions, anything related to digital product launches, user acquisition, customer interviews or outbound sales.

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