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Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick- 

Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is the founder of Co-Creating Inclusion, a diversity, equity, and inclusion firm with a focus on shifting culture and driving equity through strategic consulting, leadership & team development, workshop facilitation, and business integration. Her mission is to help people, teams, and organizations create culture transformation through inclusion and belonging in order to co-create the conditions where all can thrive and do their best and most fulfilling work.

Alethea started her career as an architect with a BArch from Pratt Institute and spent almost 20 years managing workplace strategy and corporate headquarters projects. She also has a background in family photography and photography coaching for parents. A British Born Chinese American, Alethea is a Brooklyn mom to two boys, Liam, aged 10, and Jack, aged 7.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:57]
What’s new? [01:12]
Is Photosanity still there? [01:23]
Tell us, how did you connect that? [01:45]
Are you working with a company? [03:38]
On the inclusion as a theme of the metaphoric picture? [04:12]
How has what you are doing now impacted your children? [05:36]
Where is the best place to connect with you? [07:11]
Have you had a conversation with death? [07:46]
In closing, is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:01]


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