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Alberto J. Raggio

Alberto J. Raggio began his entrepreneurial career over 30 years ago in technology development, business strategy, operations, and new venture start-ups. Born in Costa Rica and raised in the US from the age of eleven, he learned to see the world from a diverse lens with a longing to help others which is still what drives him today. This inspired Alberto to write his first book, “Draw Your Circle,” released in 2016 available worldwide and to date has been translated into sixteen languages with more translations to come.

Alberto was not born with a charmed life, but despite great odds, he created one throughout his mindful, spiritual journey. With the never-ending support of his friends and family, Alberto has celebrated great success, weathered many pitfalls and reinvented himself with his continued persistence, perseverance and passion through his resilience fueled by his core beliefs.

By Albertoís method, a simple shift in mindset will measurably alter your life in unexpected and positive ways not imagined. Your mind complicates things, the answer to achieve this is so simple that it boggles your mind ìDraw Your Circle,î shares how simple it is to achieve those things you desire. The answers are in the book; your life will never be the same if you practice the simple principles of the book.

Most of us do not understand how to successfully apply this in our day to day living. Sharing Albertoís four principles of life purpose, awareness, faith, life mission in ìDraw Your Circleî the message is simple: “We get what we project in our minds. We materialize what we believe…î The simplest life-changing book you will ever read, dummy proof, guaranteed to work if you care to take only 30 days out of your life and apply its principles. I challenge you to do it and Something Amazing Will Happen to You!

Changing lives of children around the world is Albertoís greatest passion and is currently working on creating a new delivery system of education to empower students to take full advantage of their mental capacity; also empowering educators to create a revenue stream by doing what they love. His gift for building stellar teams of accomplished professionals and capitalizing on the benefits and efficiency of technological trends stems from drawing his circle.

Alberto continues devoting his time to developing emerging technologies and solutions for education. He divides his efforts between mentorship, innovation and speaking engagements. During his free time, he loves to go for walks with his dog Abby Girl.

ìIíve got nothing but love for you.î Alberto J. Raggio

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