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Albert Ho

Albert Ho has condensed his 2 decades of experience into his first book Checkmate: How to Win the Sales Game in Healthcare. He is a highly sought after keynote speaker and has delivered over 30 speeches to audiences of up to 1,500 people. He is best known for his consulting business Healthcare Heroes which works exclusively with healthcare sales professionals.

Albert started his career as a medical secretary and a personal support worker. He then went on to become a Registered Nurse and has worked at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre as well as Sinai Health System. He then wonder and operated a medical device startup and had sales of over $1 million of dollars in just 2 years. He then went on to manage hospital-wide projects as a Project Manager at William Osler Health System. Albert is proud to partner with Prostate Cancer Canada. For every book purchase, $2 will be donated to help prostate cancer research.

For a free digital downloadable copy of his upcoming book sign up at: http://www.healthcareheroes.co




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