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About Alaina Szlachta

I absolutely love personal development! When we become life-long learners, we can achieve great things! While completing my doctorate degree in education, I taught as an adjunct professor at five different universities in two years, then realized academia was not for me....

…  I’d obtained a PhD, but had no desire to use those credentials in the traditional career path. After 12 years of service in nearly every role in learning and development (corporate trainer, instructional designer, program manager, and educational researcher), I found my calling.
Most of us have a desire to leave a legacy, to give back, to share lessons learned from a fulfilled life. I help entrepreneurs do just that. My skills and passion are now serving a consulting business I own that helps authors and entrepreneurs transform their unique subject matter expertise into learning products that transform people’s lives. 
When I’m not building learning products, I am building or renovating homes in Austin, TX. In the past two years, I purchased and renovated five rental units (doing much of the work myself). Now, I earn enough passive income to do only work that I love, driving positive transformation through learning.
You can learn more about my consulting company at: bydesigndevelopmentsolutions.com.

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