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Akosua Dardaine Edwards-

Akosua Dardaine Edwards is the founder of the Enabling Enterprise Project. The Enabling Enterprise Project is a progressive and interactive pilot project, which aims to partner Caribbean and international women’s business support agencies, policymakers and women entrepreneurs from all over the world for the enhancement, empowerment, exchange of ideas and experience and best practice of women’s enterprise and entrepreneurship worldwide.

Akosua Edwards has worked and lived throughout many countries including Uganda, Tanzania, India, the United Kingdom, and Trinidad and Tobago, with women and youth entrepreneurs combining her expertise of entrepreneurship,  empowerment and transformation.

Akosua Edwards published her book “What did I Learn Today?Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love”in September 2013(Balboa Press).

Her second book “Nyabo (Madam)–Why are you here? has been published in March 2015.

Akosua has been featured in the Trinidad Express, Trinidad Guardian, The Newsday, Guardian Women’s Magazine and her work has been featured in nextwomenmagazine, Kenya Institute of Management Magazine and numerous other periodicals.

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