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Ahmed Muzammil-

I’m Ahmed Muzammil. Originally from the southern tip of India where you can see both the sunrise and sunset from a single point.

Ahmed Muzammil: I’m living in Singapore for the past 5 years almost and been a software developer with a Swiss Private Bank. I have a beautiful wife, two boys and the third baby is coming soon by December.

I am a techie by design, published my pretty little website when I was 12 years old, then I learned flash animation, photoshop etc. to become a good designer.

Also I learned programming on the side, worked with PHP and C programming while in school, designed a couple of websites for my college. And developed some small web apps.

I used to earn a good sum fixing people’s broken windows 95, 98, ME, and XP computers while I was in school & college.

I hated school, and college but did it anyway for the sake of my parents. (Had I known that Bill Gates quit college, I would have done that at that time – poor kid me)

Back in January 2016, I started a marketing consulting company (BizMaximizer) where I’m helping entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers have a marketing funnel that works to get clients and leads 24×7. Grateful to have grown it to over 60,000 in sales in the past 8 months.

This is my 7th company and I’ve been through 5 failures, and another one I shutdown to pursue a professional career as a software engineer.

I’ve tried starting two software product companies, a domain company, a web design company, a logo design company, and a bunch of passive income shit from warrior forum pdfs which all went wasted money and time.
Why am I doing what I’m doing?

I love to help people, my life’s work would be to help and empower entrepreneurs run a successful and scalable business. I’m learning all that from my mentors and coaches.

My short-term goal is to help 1 million people around the world to start their own businesses by 2025 have financial freedom, and time freedom.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

Snippet of Ahmed’s previous episode [00:29]
How are you doing? [00:50]
What part of the world are you in right now? [00:55]
What’s the update? [01:03]
Are you a full-time entrepreneur now or have you entered into a work arrangement again? [02:07]
What were some of the lessons you learned? [02:39]
On learning from online mentors [03:55]
How did what you’ve been doing affect your family? [04:57]
Regarding the finances when transitioning from full-time job to full-time entrepreneurship [06:09]
Have you had a conversation with death? [09:40]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [10:26]


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