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  • Adrian Sealey is the Founder & Managing Director at Ez Buy Int Ltd and Co-founder & Executive Director at Ryu Dan Dojo Youth Empowerment Centre /Ep2378

Adrian Sealey- 

Adrian Sealey: I’m the founder and managing director of Ez Buy Int Ltd and both the Cofounder and senior instructor at Ryu Dan Dojo- Youth Empowerment Centre which is a registered NGO that utilizes Martial Arts as a vehicle of holistic development.

You can visit my website where you can buy, sell or advertise with us by clicking HERE.


How are you doing champion? [00:48]
What’s the update? [01:20]
What is it like? has the numbers grown or decrease? [02:25]
What happened there with the US embassy and the UN, did they initiate program? [03:12]
Will you continue to be this person? to what you are doing now [06:28]
What is a Dojo? [10:58]
Is there anything else you’d like to share with our amazing audience? [11:48]

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