776:Adrian Havelock is a Master Salesman with over 10 years in Sales and Customer Experience

Adrian Havelock-

Adrian Havelock is a Master Salesman with over 10 years in Sales and Customer Experience.
He started his sales Career as an assistant to a Sales Representative of the Insurance industry where he worked part time.

He got his breakthrough when he landed a Job in Sales at the young age of 19 at the Local Franchise of BMW in Trinidad. This is where his career began because he built long lasting relationships by mastering the Sales Process with High End Clientèle.

His passion for excellence, truthfulness, and dedication to serve his customers whenever they have any requests or issues, made him one of the top 3 in his company. At the age of 22 he was already placing 2nd and 3rd overall in Sales in Trinidad. He was also the youngest Car Salesman in the country at that time.

His passion for educating customers on the benefits of his products and how it is valuable to them, transitioned into Training and Development where he unofficially coached new staff on the products, their pricing and how to communicate value effectively with customers.

This desire then turned into the direction of Business Consulting where he believes that transforming one company at a time can make a difference in building valuable people and by extension, a value-based world of Dedication and Service.

He is a Director on the Board of the Rotary Club of Penal, a Master Sales Trainer and has a Business Consultancy Company. Adrian is also the Creative Executive producer, for ‘Fit for Life’ – a Television series dedicated to overall wellness, health and fitness, and self-defence teachings.

Adrian Havelock has an extensive range of experience in various industries such as; Finance, Energy/ Oil and Gas, Labels, Packaging and Branding, Out of Home Advertising media, Electronics, Gambling, Fast Food Restaurants, Automotive and Retail.

UPSELL Business Solutions, is the brainchild of his Business Consultancy vision.
His motto is; “Selling – It’s Simple Communication”

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