Adam T. Newman is the author of award winning children's books...)

923:Adam T. Newman is the author of award winning children’s books


Adam T. Newman-

Adam T. Newman is the author of award winning children’s books, “HOW TO CATCH A COLD”, “HOW TO FIGHT A COLD” and the all new, “THE GIRL WHO LOST HER VOICE”.
He is also the founder of the children’s book publishing company, “MiLo Ink Books.”

Over the last few years, Adam has been making a name for himself by traveling across the United States to over 175 schools and stores presenting his award winning books. Adam’s school assembly has been receiving rave reviews from teachers and principals across the country. He has also been very active in the social media world constantly posting and connecting with fans on his MiLo Ink Books Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.

Adam formed MiLo Ink Books in honor of his in-laws, Mike and Lois, (MiLo), who sadly passed away in tragic accidents. MiLo Ink Books’s mission is to publish books that will motivate parents and grandparents to laugh and read to the children in their life.

Adam has worked for numerous film studios as an art director and graphic designer. He is also the recipient of the prestigious “World’s Greatest Dad” award which was presented by his two wonderful kids in the form of a t-shirt.


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