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Adam LG Ring

Adam LG Ring-

Adam LG Ring: I know startups. I mentor new startups & entrepreneurs. I’m an Australian entrepreneur & consultant with 25 years’ digital experience, now based in Europe & the UK. I am an expert in digital transformation. I have several #GDPR data privacy clients.

I’ve been key to 3 successful startups, including a lean startup out of university & more recently a fully funded e-commerce startup executed flawlessly.

I sit on and advise several boards and executives and have an investor network. I am discreet and ethical.

I am available as a #startup technology consultant in:
► GDPR and global #dataprivacy (speaker & #tech advisor)
► #ecommerce flash sales (templeandwebster.com.au)
► real-estate/property #searchengines (homehound.com)
► #fintech (Reserve Bank of Australia)

Adam LG Ring is pleased to sit on the board of Ivy Plus European Leaders. IPEL is an international think tank of alumni from top schools (such as Stanford). IPEL hosts forefront events with elite speakers and first-rate networking.

Adam LG Ring sits on the Innovator’s Policy Council of the global Developer’s Alliance: developersalliance.org

Adam LG Ring partners with and recommends this innovation partner for European apps and websites: Dirox dot net.

Adam LG Ring partners with Swapcard, a French #startup success story, and a leading networking app in the event space, globally: swapcard.com

My company, ACP, is part of a consortium of 3 specialist #tech companies providing unparalleled experience in #ecommerce development & #startups: beardbrothers.global (Paris | Sydney)

It’s my 5th year living in Paris mentoring, networking, and helping many startups & organizations to change the world for the better! Get in touch for investment opportunities in #tech4good

Best compliment I ever received? “I get things done.”

Time Stamped Show Notes:

How are you doing? [00:28]
Which of your talents is responsible for us connecting? [00:41]
Who did you learn the ability to understand that there is a value in helping people from? [01:06]
Why would you continue to be this guy? [01:53]
Where is the best place for someone to connect with you? [02:54]
What is one thing you’ve done consistently over the last 3 years? [03:15]
How does it make you feel interacting with the two sides of the scale where you understand the value in the justice side of things and understanding the implications that can go with it? [05:01]
What’s a good first step in understanding what should be your right where these things are concerned? [05:52]
What’s your earliest childhood memory? [07:58]
Why do you think this memory is so clear? [08:27]
What was your favorite song when you were twelve years old? [09:37]
Declaration time – [10:07]


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