1079:Aaron Watson hosts and produces the podcast Going Deep w/ Aaron Watson


Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson hosts and produces the podcast Going Deep w/ Aaron Watson. His half-hour episodes are comprised of meaningful, deep conversations with writers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and innovators about the passions, fears, and problems they have faced down. Aaron has interviewed bestselling authors Chris Guillebeau, Tucker Max & Kevin Kelly, visionary entrepreneurs Henry Thorne & Dennis Mortensen, and revered finance writers Barry Ritholtz, Ben Carlson, and Morgan Housel. Listeners tune in around the globe for insights, stories, and wisdom.

Aaron also serves as VP of Sales for TopScore, a fast growing SaaS startup. TopScore builds solutions to help sports organizations with league administration and member management services.

While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Aaron played four years of Division 1 ultimate frisbee winning two national championships and all-region honors. He is currently the captain of the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, a top-ranked team in the Midwest Division of the American Ultimate Disc League.


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