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Dr. Aaron L. Smith


Dr. Aaron L. Smith is an expert with STEM and workplace readiness and is known around the world for his work. He assists schools, company leaders and communities to work together to develop and sustain a pipeline of competent and job-ready employees.


A 2008 graduate of Old Dominion University with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Dr. Aaron L. Smith has over two decades of experience in the classroom as a mathematics teacher and administrator.


Aaron has developed a passion for workplace readiness and STEM where he has shared his knowledge as an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University and Christopher Newport University. He and his work have been referenced over 30 times from Catcat to Teachthought.com.

A Best-Selling Author of “Awakening Your STEM School”, and a future book coming out in 2019, “Blank Check: Recreating America’s Broken Schools.” Dr. Aaron L. Smith is now an expert consultant on leading communities, school districts, and individual schools to transform their educational systems to initiates, grow & sustain the creation of a pipeline of workforce-ready graduates thanks to his five-point STEMS initiative.

Aaron’s passion for workplace readiness and STEM has been shared on the local, state and national levels. He’s received the WHRO Technology Administrator Award and the Crystal Star Award from the National Dropout Prevention Center.

Besides the numerous accolades, Dr. Aaron L. Smith’s proudest achievements are being married to wife and being a dad to his three kids who challenge him to reach for the stars every day.

Aaron has also been directly responsible for his former school receiving many workplace readiness related honors from becoming a PRIME School recognized by the Society of Manufactured Engineers Education Foundation to the awarding of over three-quarters of a million dollars in grants in just over four years.


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