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  • A twelve minute conversation with Nate Johnson who is helping you wake up to what’s really possible /Ep 2915

A twelve minute conversation with Nate Johnson who is helping you wake up to what’s really possible /Ep 2915

Nate Johnson is a coach, writer and speaker who’s always down for an adventure. In a former life, he cut his teeth as a suicide prevention counselor, business development manager at Inc. Magazine, founder of a digital marketing company, whitewater rafting guide in New Zealand and cattle rancher in the Australian Outback.

Having survived a boating accident in the Philippines, started several businesses and confronted his stage fright to take improv classes, he is no stranger to the emotional highs and lows of pushing yourself to experience your fullest potential. Nate has a lovingly no BS approach to helping his clients wake up to what’s really possible in their lives and then making that a reality.



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