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  • A twelve minute conversation with Marilyn O’Hearne, the compassionate coach and recognized thought leader in bias, CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and EQ /EP2916

A twelve minute conversation with Marilyn O'Hearne, the compassionate coach and recognized thought leader in bias, CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and EQ /EP2916

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Marilyn O’Hearne, MA, International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach, is globally experienced (since 1998; in 40 countries) and known for her big picture approach, producing sustainable results.

 Leaders, teams, coaches and organizations, including the United Nations, move from the overwhelming uncertainty of our rapidly changing, culturally complex world to confidence with renewed focus and vision via Marilyn’s breakthrough coaching and programs. Marilyn is a recognized thought leader in bias, CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and EQ; through Breaking Free from Bias, her many articles and popular speaking and interviews.

 Marilyn’s compassionate listening and truth telling inspire quickly established trust.

 Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve full potential, to prosper and live in peace; Marilyn’s vision. #Unlockallpotential results in reduced conflict (25-40%) while also boosting prosperity (35%), a Quadruple Bottom Line result (People, Profit, Planet, Purpose).

 A leader herself, Marilyn served as a Director in Brasil and on a global board.

Marilyn O’Hearne, MSW, MCC, LLC; CQ Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

Unlocking potential, prosperity and peace with leaders, coaches and their organizations through Leadership & Team Coaching, ICF Mentor Coaching and Coaching Supervision

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