48 states and Canada

in 12 weeks


Amanda & Engel Jones - Caribbean Roadtrippers

" Amanda , I'm thinking of visiting my past podcast guests face to face across the U.S. What do you think? " 

This was the beginning of one of many conversations that led to one of the most EPIC adventures of my life. A journey of a lifetime. When I asked Amanda her response was...

How do you Plan to do that?

Her tone was warm, unlike that time back in 2012, when we were in the middle of a financial crisis and I suggested that THIS BOOK was the key to our financial freedom. Thinking of it now,  Amanda's response had a lot to do with our journey from then. We got out of debt by working TOGETHER. Self development came through reading as we were getting out of debt. Dreams that seemed impossible became possible more than ever, because we would actually set a goal and accomplish it. 

Momentum! This was by no means overnight success. Only you can see your dreams.

I remember hearing this from Dave Ramsey for the first time.

After we got out of debt I attended a conference called Entreleadership. A 4-day leadership conference to learn Dave Ramsey's Playbook for Running & Growing a Business.

This was my first trip to the US in over two decades and it was the first time I drove in the U.S. It proved to be a challenge as in our country we drove on the left side of the road, plus the vehicles are designed with the steering wheel on the other side. I remember the challenges of getting to Tennesssee in the middle of the night and somehow making my way to the hotel. My angels,  thankfully, worked overtime. 

The lesson of stewardship & hope

Of the many lessons learned, stewardship and hope were my two biggest takeaways. The Bible tells us in Psalm 24:1 that He owns it all: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof” (KJV).  Our time, talents, treasure, relationships, jobs and, yes, stuff. It’s all God’s, and He trusts us with it. Moving from a "I am the owner mindset to I am the manager mindset" has been HUGE for my personal and business life. 

Then there was the lesson of hope...


ThE Mantle of hope 

When we were getting out of debt it was painful. Having to make decisions based on what we could afford and not what we wanted, hurt. The decisions to sell our son's drum kit, to sell our car, to sell our property, were all painfully made, but HOPE pulled us through. I was really hopeful that the sacrifices made would be worth it. Today I can proudly say that it has. Now, I want to give that message of HOPE to others. I want to Help Others Pursue Excellence. 


“Hope deferred maketh the heart sick: but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life..”

Proverbs 13:12 KJV


Do you need hope & encouragement?


Amanda and I have now been married for 12 years. For the first five years we were in the discovery mode, learning each other, while balancing money concerns. I believe that we were able to find a way because another person found theirs and decided to share the knowledge and experience gained. Likewise, we have now committed our lives to give encouragement to others. We are committed to let others know that there is hope. 

Our achievements each year are growing bigger and bigger. 

    1. Married for 12 years and counting with three sons
    2. 349 video conversations recorded in the US
    3. First Caribbean Couple to journey across 48 states and Canada in 12 weeks

Want to work personally with me?

My consultation comes with the experience of working as a quality police of the laboratory department of a cement manufacturing company. Aside from that job, I have been part of business startups and failures over the last 19 years. Currently, both my wife and I have transitioned into our business full time. We have created products and services, set and achieve huge goals, and we did it all by dissecting them into small steps. Click below to schedule a call and we can figure out together if I, or someone I know, could be a good fit to assist in your current situation.  

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Amanda's thoughts


“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Presently, Engel and I have a ‘wheel of life’ principle which we adopted from Zig Ziglar’s teaching. We use it to navigate the course in which our decisions are made. As a result, life is a bit more centered and we can truly appreciate the experience of it all as it unfolds. 

I must say though, this hasn’t always been our portion. My outlook now has been greatly affected by the lessons which we learned along the way. The growing pains are a reminder of the growth which happens at varying pace. Engel’s decision to meet his past podcast guests face to face  in the U.S. came at a time when we were just getting a handle on life. We were debt free and enjoying the freedom which it brought.

This calling of Engel, at the point in time seemed like one of the craziest suggestions he has ever made and honestly, at first I was just humoring him by giving him an audience. I couldn’t fully wrap my mind around his propensity for conversation and connection in this manner. This guy was serious. Where caution and fear held me, gradually Engel’s faith, fearlessness and passion won over.