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#12minconvos podcast with Engel Jones Day 13 of 84

The Goal 

1001 #12minconvos in 12 weeks starting from January 12th to April 2019 , with AMAZING people from all over the world.

What happened on
Day 12?

Today, my word of the day was generosity and I had the opportunity to be generous through an act of kindness on work so I took it. Everyday I choose a card from a small netted bag, randomly. These cards were given as gift, shipped all the way from the UK by Mary Lunnen. I have been using them for just about 2 years. She is AMAZING and the cards are as well. It provides a colorful reminder of one thing you can add that sometimes get overlooked on our day to day journey. 

Mary Lunnen Rediscovery Cards

Who did you connect with on the evening?

did it again. I overslept. I unashamedly share these times to hopefully inspire you on your goal. I believe it's good for you to see that my process to achieving the #12minconvos podcast goal, isn't as pretty as the picture that will be taken at the finish line. Thankfully my guest scheduled for 8:00pm agreed to be moved to 8:30pm.

So I connected with Nick Hughes first, creator of Founders Live, Nick is a successful entrepreneur with business achievements in social media, digital payments, and e-commerce. He is currently on a journey of a lifetime as he dares to push the bar on the entreprenurial experience thorough a year-long world tour. More to come on his #12minconvos podcast #2076. Sneek Peek - His favourite song at 14 can be listened to here.

Then I connected with Troy Lee who hosts and co-produces a sports podcast that runs every Wednesday live on Mixlr Social LiveAudio. He is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Troy was connected to me by the AMAZING Khalif Clark who I met in Dallas who co-hosts with Troy. More to come on Troy's #12minconvos podcast #2077 when released. Sneek Peek -His favourite song at 12 can be listened to here.

What was your biggest takeaway? 

Am I? I am!

Two words when switched can mean so much. At what stage are you at in your life?

If you missed Day 12, click HERE!

Actual Recorded
12th - 18th January
96.9 %
19th - 25th January


26th - 1st February
2nd - 8th February
9th - 15th February
16th - 22nd February
23rd - 1st March
2nd - 8th March
9th - 15th March
16th - 22nd
23rd - 29th
30th - 5th

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Engel Jones

I am a podcaster who has now had over 2900 recorded podcast conversations, plus 349 live interviews in 12 weeks, while driving through the 48 states of the US plus the eastern and western side of Canada.

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